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What's the Deal with Polynucleotides, AKA Salmon Sperm Injections?

before and after picture of polynucleotides (salmon sperm injections) under the eyes for skin rejuvenation
polynucleotides (salmon sperm injection) for the under-eyes

Hey there, beauty aficionados! Today, let's dive into a topic that might sound a bit fishy at first glance (pun intended), but trust me, it's making waves in the world of anti-ageing - Polynucleotides, aka: the salmon sperm facial injections. Yep, you heard it right! It's time to reel in the details on this intriguing treatment that's making a splash in the beauty scene.And if it's good enough for Jennifer Aniston, it's good enough for us!

First things first, what are polynucleotides? Think of them as building blocks of DNA and RNA, the stuff that makes up our genetic code. Now, imagine extracting these from salmon sperm and injecting them into your skin? Sounds wild, doesn't it? But why would anyone want to slather fish DNA on their face? Polynucleotides are packed with goodies like amino acids, peptides, and antioxidants, all of which are like superfood for your skin. They promote collagen production, reduce inflammation, and help your skin bounce back from environmental stressors. In other words, they're the ultimate skin boost!

Now, I know what you're thinking – why salmon sperm? Well, aside from the novelty factor, using this particular source is actually a sustainable choice. By repurposing a byproduct of the fishing industry, we're reducing waste and giving new life to something that would otherwise be discarded.

But let's address the big question – are salmon sperm facial injections safe? Polynucleotides have been used in general medicine for around 40 years for their wound healing properties, so we are super excited about finally introducing them to aesthetic medicine! We particularly love this treatment for the under-eyes as they help with puffiness, dark circles, thin skin and under-eye bags.

So, whether you're intrigued by the idea of a fishy facial or slightly skeptical, one thing's for sure – polynucleotides are making waves in the beauty world. Who knows, maybe the secret to radiant skin has been swimming under our noses all along!

We recommend 3-4 treatments, 2-3 weeks apart. Maintenance with 1 session 9-12 monthly.

Treatment price starts at £350.


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