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Best injector ever! Professional, friendly, and makes you feel as ease as soon as you step in. Dr Deena does the most natural work which you don’t see a lot of nowadays. I am so glad I went to her because she gave me exactly what I wanted. She assessed my face and gave me professional advice as to what would improve the symmetry of my face. My cheek filler looks so natural and I will probably come back for a top up soon because I know the end result will STILL look natural! I love that she uses a soft type of filler which adds to the face and doesn’t take away. I think I have found my facial injector for life! Thank you so much! And thank you for telling me no when I wanted more lip filler!

amazing from start to finish. Dr Deena was really lovely and helpful from the moment I messaged her for an enquiry. At my appointment, Dr Deena was so welcoming and complimented my features which made me feel great. She was so kind and informative in explaining the procedure and answering any questions. She made me feel comfortable, told me when to breathe in and out to ease the experience, explained every part of her technique and also asked me before doing anything – I knew to trust the process regardless and Dr Deena delivered! I love my new lips. Dr Deena’s aim is “natural but impactful” and it is most definitely spot on. She emailed me an aftercare guide and let me know that that I could message her whenever with updates, pictures and any questions I have which made me feel reassured and taken care of even after the appointment. I would 100% recommend Dr Deena Aesthetics to anybody!

Dr Deena is hands down the best aesthetic practitioner I’ve visited! She’s super friendly and bubbly! I literally feel like I’m visiting a friend every time I see her! She makes you feel at super at ease before and during the procedure! Her work is natural but she gives you such effective results without looking over done! Would highly recommend! :) xx

If anyone is thinking of getting their lips done but is afraid of the outcome, Dr Deena’s work will leave you with no regrets. Coming from someone who has always been worried about the results not looking natural, I was in complete shock to see how beautifully natural they looked. Not only is her work amazing, she is highly professional and instantly puts you at ease (for those who are afraid of needles), with constant reassurance and making sure you are relaxed the whole time. I am so glad I waited to find the perfect doctor before doing any cosmetic treatments for the first time and I am certain I will be returning for more. Thank you so much Deena!

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